"'That’s why Camilla and I got married,' said Denniston as they drove off. 'We both like Weather. Not this or that kind of weather, but just Weather.'"                                                                                         -That Hideous Strength, Ch. 5


When writing a biography page, one is tempted to start with the facts. "Lindsey Scholl was born Lindsey Anne O'Donnell. . ."  Another temptation is to burst into song. "Who am I? I'm Lindsey Scholl!" Avoiding both of these options, I'll say that I work as an educator and speaker/writer. I have a Ph.D. in Roman History and an M.A. in Medieval History. For more information, please visit my writing page or for my c.v, please email me at my contact page

I currently teach at Trinity Classical School in Houston, where I teach Humanities and Latin. I'm married to Dr. John Scholl, and together we have one dog, several beautiful nieces and nephews, and many remarkable students. 

N.B. Lindsey Scholl has the same number of syllables as Jean Valjean.