The Roman Minute: Fall of Rome, Sort Of

Watch this video and start a new Tuesday tradition. 


Salvete omnes!

Today I'm starting a new Tuesday tradition: The Roman Minute. This is a video series that, as the title indicates, will give viewers around a minute of something Roman: language, history, religion, and possibly even food. 

My last blog post hinted at a pope's great building project in the 400s AD, on the eve of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, so I thought I'd start there. Sixtus III built a lot of churches, but the one I'm showing you is Santa Maria Maggiore. This exterior is much later than the 400s, but when you get to the inside...much of the interior is from the 430s - only forty years before last Roman emperor gave up his throne. This isn't the building of a defeatist. That arch on the end there is called a triumphal arch, and look what it shows: not an emperor, but Christ. Or rather, his throne, occupied by a cross, and surrounded by Peter, Paul, and the four gospel writers - those are those animals there - more on those guys later. 

So there's a different perspective on the end of the Western Roman Empire. Sure, it ended, but not without hope and some really impressive mosaics.

This is Dr. Lindsey Scholl and her Roman Minute, wishing you pax Christi.