Giving thanks for people far and near

Originally published Nov. 23, 2016

It rained this morning! It was a lovely, soaking rain, and when I first woke up to it, the sun was still shining, giving the whole world a moist glow. Then the gray came in, perfectly setting the mood for a cup of coffee and a warm breakfast with my parents. 

We all know the internet has limitless dangers. Yet one of its strengths is that allows easy connection with people you haven't seen in awhile. This is particularly true for friends in other countries. So I want to use this platform to say hello to Giusy, that model of Christian perseverance and joy in Torino. Giusy, thanks for your wonderful email, and I'll respond soon. I also want to say hello to those faithful missionaries in the Ukraine who had such an impact on my teenage years, Shannon and Katie. Also to Dyfan and Caroline, who are likely enjoying plenty of rain in England. 

To use the adapted words of the most interesting man in the world, 'Stay faithful, my friends.' It's good to hear from you!