In Praise of Books

Warning: this piece was written in a state of extreme agitation, the author just having gone a second round with some sort of 'encryption loop' on her computer, which is now sitting, rejected and useless, by the baseboards.

Several reasons why to prefer books and/or pen and paper over other, electronic media:

1. Books don't have to reboot or recharge.

2. Books don't need to be updated, a process which may or may not make the book unreadable.

3. Books can survive flood, famine, and power outages. They have a hard time surviving fire, but nothing's perfect.

4. Reading books on a holiday does not require that anyone have to work on that holiday.

5. Books are cheap, unlike certain silver-colored laptops.

6. Books don't require a password in order to read them.

7. Books have no pop-ups, few advertisements, and no chance of videos suddenly playing at high volumes.

8. If my pen dies, I may have a chance of fixing it. If not, I can write with mud or blood.

9. If I run out of paper, I can always use bark or the back of a shovel, like President Lincoln.

10. Books are a portal to one worldview, not to an onslaught of them. 

The one disadvantage I can think of at the moment? The fact that this is a blogpost.